Heather Shields is a textile designer and weaver, specialising in vibrant contemporary homeware and accessories. Based in Gourock on the west coast of Scotland, she designs her cloth using both traditional and electronic looms. Her striking patterns and playful approach to colour reflect a variety of influences; mundane objects, patterns in nature and architecture are reoccurring themes within her work.  

Heather's affinity with weaving began at art school, where she immediately became fascinated with the physical practice and the endless possibilities for experimentation, through fibre, structure and colour.  Weaving involves rigorous experimentation with design and materials, and slight changes to these variables can have an equally subtle or dramatic effect so that the process is a constant mission of discovery.

Collaging initial ideas using painted and found papers, Heather’s designs begin to develop a momentum that intensifies when matched to carefully selected yarns and taken to the loom. Luxurious lambswool and a double cloth construction, of two layers of cloth simultaneously woven, ensures her fabrics are thick and cosy but retain a strong graphic edge. 

Founded in 2014, Heather’s designs are bold statement pieces that maintain a clean simplicity, infusing each piece with a timeless quality.  All of her fabrics are either hand woven or made in small batches at a local mill, here in Scotland. This ensures all products are made to the highest quality and produced in a sustainable and ethically responsible manner. 

Heather graduated with a BA (Hons) in Textile Design from Glasgow School of Art. In December 2014 she was selected to join the Craft Council’s Hothouse programme for emerging makers.